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hi everyone,

2000 accord 2.3L MT

in the process of doing the timing belt, i got to the part where i had the covers off and had NOT yet removed the tension or the belt.

so heres the situation:

1) crank was at tdc but 360 degrees off (i.e. i set it at tdc before removing upper cover as per instruction).
2) cam's up mark was pointing to the floor (therefore indicating that turning the crank 360 would make everything TDC)

while i was getting reading to leave the rest of the job for another day, i was already irritated and i got dumb for some reason and decided the loosen the cam sprocket bolt (to change the seal) under these conditions:

1) car in 1st gear (forgot to put it in neutral)
2) crankshaft damper and pulley bolt removed but the crankshaft (the gear) itself still in place.
3) spark plugs still in, timing belt and tension still in place.
4) crank and cam positions as stated above.

i basically just used a breaker bar on the cam sprocket without holding it in place with a screwdriver (as suggested by others) and i heard "clunk" sound like either a metal to metal contact or a mental spring getting really tightly compressed (like a "twangggg" sound).

did i bend my valves? or was that just the bolt breaking loose (as i could remove the cam bolt after another push on my breaker bar after that)?

i wasnt mindful enough to see if the cam or crank skipped a tooth.

i dont know how these honda engines work and am curious logically what doing this would entail.

i am about to do a compression test to check but dont want that to damage anything further if this surely caused a bent valve.

also if i did bend a valve, i can just remove the head and take it to a shop and not have to worry about doing anything to the cylinder block right?
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