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Dealer has a program called "Express Tires For Loyalty" offered free of charge that basically pays for new tires during the first 5 years, as long as you take your car there for all scheduled maintenance. Maybe all Honda dealers offer this. So I'm trying to decide if I'm going to bite and let them do all the maintenance, which I usually do myself. Some of the fine print:

  • Tires must be worn to 3/32" to be replaced.
  • Damage due to misalignment, road hazards, mechanical defects, improper inflation, overloading, or abnormal wear not covered.
  • All factory recommended maintenance must be performed at issuing dealer.
  • Must change oil and filter every 5,000 miles (or per owners manual or per oil life monitor) and rotate and balance tires (if recommended) every other oil/filter change at issuing dealer.
  • Doesn't cover mounting, balancing or sales tax.
I assume for me it may be 1 set of tires since it will be driven about 12,000/year, which would probably come out to about $700. I've gotta think the dealer will somehow get all or some of that money from me if I take the car there during the first 5 years. And perhaps a disagreement about tire pressures or other issue will void everything anyway. Maybe I should just let them do everything at least until the first set of tires. And I admit for the first few years it is nice since they can catch some of the warranty items or TSB's. Any experience from others with one of these programs?
So they'll just replace with whatever came stock or do you get to choose?
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