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Tires? All-Season? Winter? Alloy/steel?

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I can't find my post asking about tires.

I bought used winter tires - maybe I screwed up - but, the tires on the car now - all-season, are really worn.

TWO sets will cost an arm and a leg. Our winters aren't too bad these days.

Anyway, I might want new rims/wheels - I haven't had any luck finding used ones and most tires on rims are steels. I don't really want those - I already have steel rims on the car now. I don't know if they're busted or what.

Should I buy alloy rims for the future all-seasons or just take the rubber off and stick them on the same rims?

I was going to use stock - that will make it cheaper, won't it?

205/60R/16 - I might have screwed up but the used winters were under $200 CAD - and I got all 4.

The cheapest rims I found are at Crap Tire - you can check them out - CRW GT2 Alloy Wheel - specs show all-season use.

I could use the current steel rims I have on my car if they're okay? The ones with the used winter tires - look super rusty and probably are in worse shape than what's on the car now. I dunno yet.

I hate dealing with tires. Ugh.
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I found a set of steel wheels and Blizzak tires on Craig's list last year for $100. The Blizzak tires only had one season on a pair of them.
The other day, I bought an inexpensive set of 4 all seasons (Paragon Tour A/S) to go on the steel rims and will be using those until May.
I went with all-seasons because I wanted the least effect on fuel mileage, also this allows me to keep the aluminum wheels off the car until I know that the weather is good again.
I think I screwed up - I probably paid too much for the used winter tires? On kijji, most ppl are asking for so much - and you can't tell from the pictures - so how many visits am I going to make?
I found some oem alloys for just under $300 - same area I was just in. I guess that's not too bad if the condition is decent? The other problem is, at this time - it's difficult to find used all-seasons for sale - ppl are keeping theirs or storing them, I guess?
The shops are really expensive for the same tires, I think. I was quoted $500-$700 for winter tires.
The winters are on - using the steelies that went with them.... really rusty. I'm kind of unhappy - and I am not sure if they're loud.... they seem a bit loud. I have to take the all-seasons out of the car - I was going to leave them at the shop.
All in all, bad experience and I think the shop I went to last year would have been a bit cheaper.

What should I do now? Nothing? Anyone ever been dissatisfied with the 'tire switch' experience? I guess that's why you get new ones - and pick your own but that would be $600+ more? I'm not sure how much more $. :-(
Oh, wow, you just had a huge snowstorm. Everyone 'over here' was talking about that! :)
The Blizzaks are loud, heavy and your gas mileage will suffer. That's why I switched over to the All Season.
Winters in Western NY are all or nothing. When it storms, the Honda stays in the garage, and I drive the wife's Jeep. Eh? Go Bills?
Right, go Bills. :)

I found some used alloys but not sure if they'd fit the '07 Accord. Anyone know if there's a way to find out?
I went to google images and I can't find one image that resembles these alloy rims for sale. I was gonna get them for an extra set - seller is asking $100 for all 4.

I currently have steel rims on the winter tires I bought and was thinking of switching them to the alloys for next time. The steel ones that came with the winter tires are really rusty and will add weight etc., right?

Those steel ones look really nice compared to the ones I got. LOL!
Dunno if anyone else is reading this but alloy rims are pricey! Even used ones. I thought these used ones I found looked okay - not perfect but I don't want to get them if they were for a Civic, CRV or some other car, right?
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