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TPMS Question

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Hey guys, quick question regarding TPMS because I am very puzzled.

I had factory wheels that were calibrated with car.
I purchased a set of new wheels for the summer with 4 brand new TPMS sensors.
I had the tire shop calibrate the new TPMS sensors with the car.

From there I planned to use the stock wheels for winter and new wheels for summer. My understanding was that our cars can only be calibrated with 1 set of TPMS sensors at a time, so instead of having the shop recalibrate my sensors twice a year I went ahead and bought the ATEQ Quickset.

Today I took off my summer wheels and installed the winter (stock) wheels on the car. My TPMS light did not turn on. So I drove around for 15 miles and still nothing. I do not have the TPMS or the low air light on.


Because after reading so many forums and doing so much research I was led to understand that if I plan to have 2 sets of wheels with different TPMS sensors I will need the Quickset.
If our cars can remember 2 sets then I want to return my Quickset asap.

Any input would be much appreciated.
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As long as the new tpms sensors have been programmed with the same sensor ID number your light will not come on. There is a tool that will copy your original sensor and input that information to a universal sensor. So no matter how many times you switch out your wheels your light will not come on because the car thinks those are the original sensors.
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You can build yourself a Canister out of PVC toss all your TPMS into it. Pressurize it to 40lbs then not have to worry about changing wheels and having TPMS agian lol.
when i switched to my summer wheels, it took a few days i think for the TPMS light to come on...
I don't know if you live close to a discount tire but when I swap my tires they recalibrate it for free. i know ppl that work there but they said it doesn't matter they do it for everyone free of charge. just to let you know. maybe some other tire company close to you would be kind enough to do it for a small fee or something. stealership is 30min labor at 52 bucks. hope it helps
I just swapped out my summer tires to my winter tires. Both sets of tires have been programmed at least once in my 2012 Honda Accord with my TPMS Quickset tool. It has been two days and the TPMS light has not come on yet. I have heard the same things as you; you need to reprogram every time you swap out tires because the Accord will only remember one set. I have a feeling that the light till come on soon, like Stu71584 mentioned. I think I read once that you have to drive above 80km/h for up to 10 minutes to reactivate the signal from being in sleep mode all season. Question is, why did the TPMS light not come on when it lost the signal of the summer tires?... It should have. Based on this, it seems to me that the Accord could in fact keeps both sets of sensors in memory. Right now, I am just waiting it out.


I just drove my 2012 Accord EX-L 4cyl on the highway for 15 minutes, (2 days after installing the winter tires). The TPMS indicater finally lit up. After driving it home, I used the ATEQ Quickset TPMS tool to input the winter tire sensor codes. The TPMS light turned off and the tire (!) light started flashing. I drove it for 2 minutes in the city and all the TPMS lights turned off. So the Accord only stores one set of TPMS codes, you need to reprogram every time you swap out the tires.
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