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Hello there, after months of lurking these forums, I've decided to post a quick tip. I drive a 2013 accord coupe ex 6MT 4cyl. I've recently had snow tires installed on the vehicle at a Honda dealer. The receipt I got shows the details of what they did. "32 psi each tire checked". Well that was wrong they are supposed to have 33psi in each tire. So I went ahead checking the tire pressure after the dealer installed and supposingly adjusted the air pressure and each tire had less than 30 psi... clearly the dealer lies about their work on the receipt you get from the service. Anyways enough of that rant.
The dealer (any tire change place) is not lying to you - the pressure will be high when checked at higher indoor temperature and will go down if the ambient temperature is much lower (in your case). Best time to check air pressure is in the morning before moving your car. When I had the snow tires mounted, I asked for 40 psi since it was much warmer in the garage. When I checked in the morning, the pressure was 36 psi which is what I wanted. Just remember PV=nRT. If the temperature goes down, your pressure will go down as well as explained by this ideal gas law.
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