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2020 Honda Accord EXL 2.0
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There's a lot of profit to be made by getting used cars in the door and onto the used car lot. As the original poster pointed out, they are listing that Accord for $5000 more than what they paid for it as a trade in. Even if they have to negotiate the car down to $36k... they will still make a nice profit off of it... and my guess is that it won't last long. Any Accord with the 2.0t engine is flying off the shelves right now... My local dealer had a 2021 Touring... had it listed for $42k and it was gone within a week. Right now they have a 2019 Touring 2.0t listed for $40,277. I'd be surprised if it was still available at the end of the week. An almost four year-old Accord still valued at $3000 more than its original MSRP.
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A different dealer has a 2018 LX available with 45,000 miles and it's listed for $25,995. Pretty insane for a five year-old base Accord with no remaining factory warranty.... $1500 more than its original MSRP back in 2018... and in 2018 it was possible to get an Accord for a nice discount off of MSRP...
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Reason for these crazy prices: Neither dealer has a single new Accord available. None on the lot... none listed as 'in transit'.
This all reminds me how lucky I was to be buying a car when I did. It was very early in the pandemic and people had no idea how or where the economy was going. I was able to buy my 2020 EXL 2.0 for just under 30k. Seeing where the car market is now makes it seem like one hell of a deal.
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