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Well, over the weekend I made a huge decision to let go of my beloved 6-6 8th gen coupe. After owning the car for 4 years this month, I've become greatly attached the car, as it served it's purpose and beyond. But, I've been in search of purchasing a used n55 335i and I found a deal up in PA that I couldn't resist. So Saturday afternoon, I took a drive to the dealership and came home with my 2015 BMW 335i 6mt X Drive M sport. Never really driven many German cars, but the all wheel drive grips the road like the accord dreamt about. Car handles, moves, and looks so great it's hard for me to miss the accord. And that's all in addition to red leather seats:tongue: One thing I will admit is that the 335i seems very restricted in regards to throttle responsiveness . I think I got used to the accord's full cat back exhaust, intake, and XLR8 j-pipe because the 335i doesn't seem like it's opened up enough. Thinking about purchasing a catted downpipe for the beast on black Friday to see if that'll help. Anyways, I won't be on this forum much anymore, but it is with great pleasure that I bid you all farewell until we meet again.



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