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I replaced the torque converter due to mileage and not because of the whining. Even after doing so, the whining is still there. Which is fine. At least I know the TC is good and was good 😊. Although after changing it there is a slight shudder at idle. No DTC are set and drives really smooth when in gear. I guess the slight shudder will go away after a while.
I always understood there to be a "break-in" period for Torque converters. There are some posts elsewhere not related to Honda's that have TCC breakin procedures that are programmed in the ECU.

Jeeps had that shudder on some of their models that required a TSB that purposely required the fix to include a check for the TCC break-in option to be disabled in their programming. Leads me to believe it is purposely programmed from the factory.

My understanding is that you want to get the lockup to cycle on and off a many times within 100 or so miles of slow meticulous driving and not gunning it off the showroom floor. So basically drive til it locks then slow up a little to unlock, rinse, and repeat. There is friction material in there that needs to be bedded like brake pads/shoes.

Of all the cars I've owned, the first few 100 miles were always driven with kid-gloves. THEN......Katie, bar the door.

They all initially had a little shudder that eventually disappeared after those 100 or so miles.

This Honda was the worst one though where it seemed to take an inordinate time.
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