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04, v6 accord, ¿lx?, BAYA, J30A4
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I had to use my old torque converter because the 07 converter was slightly larger than the flex plate.
What year/mileage/cylinder count are you driving?
If BAYA is the original trans that should be a v6 03-05 and possibly beyond. not 100% but I believe I’ve read on hear that to do the 06+ transmission swap to an 05 or earlier you would need the flex plate as well for a proper bolt up.

im curious about the whine, can you take a video (audio) sample of it?

does it whine in tune to engine speed or wheel speed when reved or accelerated?

if you are coasting does it match wheel speed or engine speed?

I know those two questions sound similar but they are vastly different
1 - 3 of 3 Posts