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2013 Accord Sport Sedan V6 Navi. 2007 Accord 4Dr V6
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My experience with a 2005 Accord V6 was similar in terms of whining through first and second. Almost sounded like I had a turbo! It was related to some 2004-2006 models. May have extended to 2007 but I didn't have the issue in my 07. t It is quite a difficult noise to locate but one indicator is that it seems to be structure borne either through the drive shafts or more typically the shift linkage. So much so, that I replaced a perfectly good shift linkage with no improvement! I also replaced wheel bearings, intake and vacuum pipes, removed cleaned and replaced heatshields, 3x 3 auto trans fluid change, removed all accessible trans solenoids and cleaned and replaced some, all to no effect. I continued to drive it thinking eventually something will fall apart and I will find it. Since it whined on acceleration and changed noise with gear changes I thought it was either the engine or the tranny and I naturally assumed the tranny. Anyway, the gearbox started to play up with flakey changes and I had it reconditioned at considerable cost. Parts included all the clutch plates as you would expect (some of the ones removed were showing metal in places so that's where the issue was), various bearings and the torque converter. On picking the car up from workshop I found the gearbox was like new with smooth and consistant changes. So much so that I didn't realise until then just how many crappy changes I had endured and accepted as 'normal' !!! But the shock was that the 1st-2nd whine was still there!! Unchanged!! I later found out this related to a manufacturing issue specifcally excessive backlash on the helical gears in the transmission. I dont think it was universal issue and it was related to some Accord gearboxes manufactured in some countries. Not all Accord gearboxes exhibited the issue. The assessment was that, annoying as that sound may have been to some, it was'nt doing any harm to the gearbox itself. So I just put up with it. The noise was noted by me a few months after buying the vehicle at 111,000 kilometres. The gearbox failed and was repaired at 220000Km. The car is still in the family and the gearbox is still in perfectly good working order at 340000Km, but still with that whine. My daughter has the car now and she ribs me about it all the time as the thing Dad couldn't fix!!

Hope that helps.

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