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I just posted this on another forum and just throwing it out here as my 2 cents worth.

I got KTuner stage 2 on my '21 Sport 1.5T CVT since August. I get on it everyday and never had issues with the engine nor the CVT. I'm currently at 12,000 miles. KTuner found ways to map the "gearing" on the CVT so that it builds progressively rather than being instant off the line. This does a lot to save stress to the CVT as that seems to be where most of the issue lies.

I am positive that KTuner stage 2 is on the safe and conservative side as I'm on Phearable stage 3 performance tuning now lol. The power output difference is night and day.

I found this funny image while browsing Reddit lol. There's always that 1.5T wants to do performance:

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Found the most helpful comment after reading and also opening my own discussion. People with other cars scared me a lot but hearing from the people who actually did the tuning on the same car was what I needed thank you 🙏
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