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[UPDATED] Another Nexus 7 In-Dash installation - PICS ADDED

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Hello Everyone,

I'm in the process of installing a nexus 7 into my dash, I drive a 2009 Accord, LX, with pretty much stock everything.

I'll be uploading some pix of the progress.

Here is a list of items that I've used.. I would appreciate any feedback on this:

1. Refurb Nexus 7 32GB Tablet (1st Gen)
2. Scosche Double Din Dashboard
3. DROK 12A/100W 4.5-30V to 0.8-30V DC Buck Volt Converter Step Down 12V Car Power Supply Voltage Regulator
4. Metra 70-1730 Wire Harness Amplified Version for HONDA 2008 and Up (Black) ( I know I should have used the 70-1729, only after this arrived)...
5. DB Link NF105 Reference Noise Filter
6. Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface
7. Sabrent 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub with AC Power Adapter
8. BAFX - PIC18F2480 Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool
9. Y-cable for OBD II
10. Y-Cable for USB
11. Joycon EXR Steering Wheel Control PC Interface
12. NooElec Brand RTL-SDR, FM+DAB, DVB-T USB Stick Set with RTL2832U & R820T

So the setup is quite simple, get the tab onto the famous USB Rom, and voila, you have USB Audio, as well as Software Defined Radio support! (from the OS Side). The rest is simple.

Lets check out the hardware side.

The Scosche dash is amazing, however, the tablet doesnt fit in perfectly, you need to cut out for the bottom corners to fit in, so that you can see the screen perfectly within the double din opening. I melted the dash using a heated nail, to the size and finished it off with sand paper - removed all the excess plastic.

There tablet fit in perfectly.

Holding it in place was done by placing some screws into the holes next to the double din opening, and tightening them so that the screw's head would hold the tab into place. It holds quite firm...

Now to connecting the tablet and its accessories.

Mini-USB to USB from the tablet to a Y-USB cable. Both ends of the USB go to the hub.
Tablet now charges and goes to host mode at the same time! Thanks to the guys behind USB Rom and the kernel!

The SDR radio goes into the USB hub, so does the UAC202 DAC.
Joycon goes there too.

The input power for the USB hub is taken from the DC step down converter. Tweaked the potentiometer on the converter, so that the output is at 5V. I cut the power cable provided with the hub to be able to use its connector. The other end connected to the output of the DC converter.

The Metra 70-1030 connected to the cable perfectly, instead of the HU.
The Red cable went into the DC in, as 12V input.

Heres where I am stuck.... :dunno:

I've connected the audio out from the RCA output on the UAC202 DAC to the cables on the Metra Harness, I get very, very low audio.. I'm guessing it's an amplifier thing. I have the LX and I know it doesn't come with a stock amp.

My question here is, which amp would be best for my car. I need something small in size (so that I can hide it in the dash), decent audio quality and just enough to power the stock speakers. :D I don't plan on changing my speakers for apparent budget reasons.

The other point i'm having a problem with is connecting the JoyCon USB interface to the car. Anyone know where it should even connect to??

Your feedback is appreciated. I'll be adding the pictures either today or tomorrow..


Just got a chance to upload the pictures..


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Sorry I don't know how to fix your audio problem but that sounds pretty cool! Can't wait to see the pictures. I was thinking of using a Nexus 7 to upgrade my dad's Ford Flex, but the only dash kit for that car has the double DIN opening at the bottom of the center console, which is a pretty poor location for a nav screen/entertainment center.
Thanks pacapaca, I agree with you, it's way too low on the Flex.

Back on topic, I think I'm going with a mini-amp, there's a Pyle (based on my humble research) amplifier, 90w I guess?

Pyle PFA300 90-Watt Class T Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier with Adapter

Any thoughts on this???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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