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Recently my primarily-used key stopped working to lock/unlock the door (when I press the lock button, the car headlights flash a little bit, and there sounds like attempts to lock the door, but the door is not locked at all). The other remote key (less-commonly used) is working fine.

I thought it was battery issue, so I replaced the battery, and it's still not working properly. The symptom is like this, if the car is locked, I press the lock button, it will unlock the car. When the car is unlocked, I press the lock button, the headlights will flash few times but not lock the car. If the car is locked, I press the unlock button, it occasionally works to unlock the car. (quite strange)
Also when I press the lock or unlock on the key remote the red light flashes twice, first flash is very quick, but second flash stays on for few second).

Again the other key works fine.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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