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Hello folks,

This is my first time posting on these forums so please pardon me if my question is posted in the wrong thread.

I have a Honda Accord 2000 2 LI I4 4 DR SE Sedan purchased in Canada about 2 years ago. Recently, during a visit to NY, I decided to stop for a diagnostics at a Honda Dealership for humming noise coming from the front of the car (suspecting a ball bearing on either of the front wheels). The technician investigated the problem and found the following problems:

1. Original Timing Belt, water pump and hoses.
2. Most likely transmission fluid that was not replaced a long time (the fluid was dark and watery)
3. Damaged (but far from complete failure) front left wheel ball bearing.

I have asked for the first 2 items to be replaced/serviced and went on my way back to Canada.

About half-way through my trip, I started hearing a loud grinding noise coming from the front of the car, initially dull but later the noise increased in intensity. I also noticed that when idle, the RPM would ramp up to a constant 4000 (decreasing to 3000 RPM when in motion) and a vibration in the gas pedal was noticed when accelerating. The vibration would propagate to the rest of the car and the grinding noise became unbearable.

I went to a Honda dealership in Canada and they said that Timing Belt was fine, but there was 1 Liter more of transmission fluid. They drained some of the fluid and noted that if the problem persists they think it would be because the car has a faulty transmission. After they fixed the transmission fluid level issue, the idle and in-motion RPM decreased a bit, but the loud noise and the vibration in the entire car still persists.

Given your extensive experience, could you please suggest what might the actual problem be since both dealerships failed to fix the problem and are suggesting repairs that might be worth the cost of the car (which you might guess is not a lot).

I do accept that the fix might be a costly endeavor, but I would feel more comfortable if I knew the actual, most likely problem in your opinion.

Thank you in advance!

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