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Hi Everyone,

I have seen a number of people asking whether they can go to 235 tires or not on their 7th gen Accords - and while that question has been answered "yes, absolutely" many times, there weren't a lot of visual depictions of the difference and how it makes the car appear. Hence, I took some pictures to show anyone who might be thinking of going wider.

It actually isn't as different as I would have thought looking from the back, though from side angles the difference is apparent. At any rate, there is tonnes of room in the wheel well, though it is getting somewhat close to the fender. Even with a drop though, I'm not convinced they'd need to be rolled.

So this is an 07 Accord coupe, beginning with the stock 215/50/R17 on the drivers side, with wider 235/40/R18's on the passenger side.

The new wheels are 18x8 with a 40mm offset. Suspension / ride height is stock.


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