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Want to remove chrome door handles

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Before anyone hollers at me for not searching, know that I have searched and read every thread on performing this procedure. I still have questions for those who have accomplished this task.

I am finally going to swap out the chrome V6 handles on my coupe for painted ones. I know I have to remove the interior door panels.

-Do I have to disconnect the battery first?
-Does it matter if the glass is lowered or raised before I start?
-Do I need to have any more white gasket sealant on hand? If so, what type should I buy?
-Is this something I should even attempt, or have a shop do it?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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1. It never hurts to disconnect the battery when having to unplug electrical connectors, so yeah go ahead and disconnect as a safety precaution

2. If the glass was lowered how would you access the door handle after removing the interior panel? Would it be in the way? Just leave it up

3. If you are talking about sealant to stick the vapor/water barrier back onto the door - if you're careful when removing it you should have no problems sticking it back on with the already in place adhesive. I found that using a small "exacto" type knife to slowly slice through the adhesive WITHOUT cutting the plastic was extremely helpful as it left a layer of adhesive on the metal and on the plastic, making it easy to stick back on

4. Sure, do it's the only way you'll ever learn! Yes it'll take a few hours, but I'd rather spend a few hours learning than spend probably $250+ for some shop to install them
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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