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Want to remove chrome door handles

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Before anyone hollers at me for not searching, know that I have searched and read every thread on performing this procedure. I still have questions for those who have accomplished this task.

I am finally going to swap out the chrome V6 handles on my coupe for painted ones. I know I have to remove the interior door panels.

-Do I have to disconnect the battery first?
-Does it matter if the glass is lowered or raised before I start?
-Do I need to have any more white gasket sealant on hand? If so, what type should I buy?
-Is this something I should even attempt, or have a shop do it?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I hate my chrome door handles and wanted to paint them but it would cost a lot to get them painted so I just have to live with them unless someone wants to trade?
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