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Warning lights galore

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I need some opinions:

So I turn my car on this morning and I have like 4 warning lights going at once, not sure what is going on, see image
Speedometer Gauge Measuring instrument Tachometer Auto part

The car sleeps in my garage, I live in Florida temp at 6am was a nice 75. The drive to work was uneventful

What do you think, I am planning a trip to the dealer this afternoon, to have them check it out.

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Does it keep doing it?
Just turned on the car and yes, all of the warning lights are still on.

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There is another thread with a very similar title - 4 warning lights on

I just posted there, but I have no idea how to close/delete the tread
i think u should bring it to the dealer and let them take a look.. seems like one of your tire is loosing a lot of pressure, which cause the slip indicator to light up. then u also have the check engine light and the brake alert system light on..

did u hit anything recently? giant potholes? curb?
I did not hit anything at all; this just happened overnight while the var was in the garage
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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