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Weird problem, ABS+VSC and sometimes BRAKE!

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Hi all,

About two weeks ago, many of the warning lights came on my dash (no MIL or flashing D). I turned the car off, then back on, and it they all went away for a while. I tried, resetting the ECU via the OBD reader and later reset via OBD and then disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. Eventually, the ABS+VSC and sometimes BRAKE!, or just the ABS+VSC, came back on.
The ScanGauge2 reader does not find any codes, when scanned. I'll hookup my other code reader tomorrow.

Unknown if this is related, a vibration has appeared. This vibration is worse at 35-40 MPH, but there is a lesser vibration up through 75 MPH. I took the car to where I bought my tires from, and they road-forced balanced my tires, but didn't find anything unusual - this included looking at the tires and rims too as they spun. Its worse under acceleration, but its still there cruising, within the speed it does it at. I've inspected the CV boots, at the wheel side - I didn't find anything unusual.

And, another thing. I got new struts few months ago...

Any thoughts?
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Hi there!, I know this is an old thread but i think this can help others with ABS problem. I came a cross with an article from YOUCANIC website about Honda ABS light. It includes common causes of ABS light. It also includes how to reset it. Hope this helps!
Your forgot the link. Is this it? Troubleshooting Honda ABS Light & How To Fix ABS Problem
I think this is somewhat an add for their code reader.
Anyway, I didn't have wheel speed sensor codes. Just what I reported erlyer here.
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