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What color 6MT sport did u or MSM and why

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I got my black 6MT sport last December. I settled for the black because white wasn't an option:thumbsdow..while the black looks great when it's clean..I'm regretting it more and more..the msm really grew on me,but of course I'm stuck already lol..besides the obvious reason of trying too keep black clean..what was the deciding factor in choosing ur 6MT sport color..I'm going nuts trying too keep my car clean..I hate the constant cleaning
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I took the first 6MT EX sedan the dealer could find.

MSM is fine. ASM would have been fine, but I've seen a few ASMs around town and I actually think the MSM looks better, though, not as dirt-friendly.

Oh! Sorry, I didn't see the Sport part in the title.

Never mind!
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I am the center of the universe!:biggrin:
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