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I have a 2009 Honda accord that did not have its 90k and has just reached its 105k mile mark. I just have not had the $ to pay the dealership (which is the only place I have ever taken it for oils changes etc) for the maintenance. I would really like to travel from NC to MD next week for the holiday but I am afraid to drive it that far. I only drive it about 20 miles per day right now to work and home. What is absolutely necessary out of the 2 maintenance packages that I would needed prior to taking it to MD?

HELP! Please!
Gas it up and go! Your going two states north, not driving across to Cali. If you do routine maintenance then go.

Dealers are in the business of making money. That's why the huge list. At 105k replaced serpentine belt & fluids & plugs. Inspect brakes, tires replace as necessary
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