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What size tires??

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I just picked up some new 18x8 rims, but my current michelins (235/45r18) are looking a little 'beefy' on the stock suspension... I also plan on dropping the ride about 1.5- 2 inches. Im looking for a tire thats more slim or more low profile i guess... what size should I go with?

Thanks in advance...

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You probably don't want to reduce the circumference of the tires... The only best way is to probably upsize to 19s.

For example, if you change 235/45 to 235/40 or 235/35, the distance covered per revolution is less than what your car is programmed to (suppose it's 225/50 R17)

You can probably live with 225/45 18, since that will drop the sidewall from 4.16in on your 235/45 18 to 3.99in on the 225/45 18. There may be a little stretch putting 18x8 onto 225, but it should be fine. But it shouldn't look as beefy after a drop.

Here is a comparison.

See if that could help you. :D
I would drop it first the see what tires to go with
Thanks for your input guys, I appreciate it. I post some pics asap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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