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What would you do if it was your new Touring?

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I'm new to the forum and would like to hear what others would do in my situation. I bought a black Touring about 6 weeks ago. Awesome car!!
The exterior detail job wasn't the best at delivery so my salesperson told me to come back on Monday and they would redo it (we bought the car on a Saturday). I stayed at the dealership since they said it wouldn't take long. About 3 hours later they brought it back (they took it to their Acura detailer as they were supposed to be better!). They were not. There were swirls all over from the orbital. The service manager told me that's the best they can do with it and if I'm not happy I shouldn't have bought a black car. BS!! I owned a black jeep wrangler jk prior to the accord and the paint was perfect!
I left as I needed to get back to work. We got some rain a few days after I picked it up so I hand washed it and found a spot on the hood so took it in to get looked at. After 3 weeks I called the svc manager and he said Honda agreed that it was a flaw in the paint and they would re-paint the hood as that was the only way to fix the spot. I picked the car up last Friday and the freshly painted hood has swirls, I also have a new scratch on my trunk lid and they nicked up some molding (pictures below). What would you guys do? The head of the body shop told me the only thing that would make me happy is to take it to our local Ming Auto Beauty Center and have their people work on it, which The dealership wi pay for. Okay, that might get the paint issue taken care of but what about the nicks?
I appreciate all of your thoughts and suggestions. I probably wouldn't be so concerned or anal but it is a brand new car and I feel the paint should be perfect and they should fix the nicks.
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They messed up your new car, I would definitely make them correct it. If not I'd contact Honda and open up a case file.
So your new Touring returned with the nicks and scrapes after the Acura dealer (which I'm assuming is part of your purchasing dealer's family of dealerships)?

Here are are my 2 cents. If you explicitly noticed buffer trails, swirls, ghosting, etc., after having the Acura dealer detail you car, they should either bring in a detailer who can make the imperfections right or (which I do believe they offered to you) allow you to take it to an experienced professional on their dime.

It has been discussed, photographed, written about, and even argued about, on this very forum, the fact that black cars can be relatively easy to maintain with the right products and techniques. A lot of Glen's posts come to mind. It is a load of crapola that the service manager told you that if you've got a problem with the imperfections in the clear that you shouldn't have bought a black car.

Try again with your current dealer to get the plastic bits replaced. If that doesn't work, try another dealer or if needed at that point, call AHA and get a case manager (I believe that's the name of the people) to work with you to get this issue resolved. Take the car to an independent detailer that is good and have the dealer pay for it (since they offered).

Good luck.
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Thats all total bs, they can say youre picky and shit but honestly youre dropping a serious amount of change on your a new car and you should expect next to perfect. So in my opinion the service department is pretty shady at your dealer. When I picked up my accord they had a couple problems as well but they fixed it and made sure that I was happy, my thoughts is tell them to replace the moulding and you do the detail yourself invest in a porter cable dual action polisher and good polishes/products its going to pay itself off in the future with a black car I never let other people work on my personal car because I am pretty anal and want perfection plus when you bring it to other people keep in mind they run a business and there intention is to wash + detail as many cars a day to keep their facility running and in between they may miss couple things
3 days after I picked up my new accord I found a paint defect on the drivers door. Dealership took it right in, sent it to their body shop to get fixed. Only way it could get fixed was to sand it down, repaint and reclear. They also picked up the tab for the rental car. 4 days later I got the car back and it looked almost as good as new. I did fine one small swirl area where they buffed it out, but a quick hit with some meguiars UC and it was perfect. THEN, the following day I found that the bottom outside window chrome trim piece was lose and bent from the body shop taking it off to repaint the door. Service manager looked at it, apologized, said I should never of had it returned to me like that, and promptly ordered a new piece of trim. Piece came in, they replaced it, good as new.

Your dealer is full of crap.......push the issue until its ALL taken care of.
Thanks for the responses. I sent the body shop manager the pictures above and am waiting to hear back. I will try to stop in the dealership this afternoon if possible and talk directly with the service manager.
Thanks for the responses. I sent the body shop manager the pictures above and am waiting to hear back. I will try to stop in the dealership this afternoon if possible and talk directly with the service manager.
As the last resort (after exhausting the process within Honda), go ahead and sue the dealership in a small claims court. You would need to get an estimate or actual invoice from another shop. You seemed to have documented this pretty well by photo.

Filing fees are nominal and you don't need to have an attorney. Drawing up a complaint is a piece of cake even for a novice. Even if you lose, you would have succeeded in being a huge nuisance to the dealer and would have your grievance heard by an impartial judge (so you won't feel so powerless in a process controlled entirely by Honda and dealership). The dealer may very well settle so they don't have to send an employee and/or attorney to defend this in the evening.

Also, your local TV network might take it up, especially if they have a consumer rights reporter. A lot of them cover relatively minor disputes, particularly if it is a part of a weekly segment. If contacted by the media, I guarantee that the dealer would cave immediately.

Good luck, that's BS, man.

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Thanks Mick! Hopefully it won't come to that but good to know I've got that option.
Its a brand new car and I'm very please with the 9th gen accord body style! Dealer that refuse to fix it and fudge it up are full of sh!t. Make them fix it! Every time I bring my car to dealer, I go into a very paranoid mode because I feel that those service really hated their job and don't want to help you.

Ex. I brought my car in and they brought me to a test drive to figure out some noise issue and that fuker abuse my car a lot during the drive! and of course, I reported that mofo to Honda HQ and that Dealership management.

So be paranoid because those guys just want your car out and it seems like they don't take responsibility for anything.
Follow up: I talked to the dealership GM and he said they can't do anything else for me other than try to fix the paint and fix the damaged trim pieces. Not happy! I called Honda America and shared my story with a consumer relations person. She said she would call me back today with an update . Haven't heard back yet. I am completely displeased with the dealership. I bought a brand new car and now my car has aftermarket paint on the hood and it will shortly have trim parts that weren't installed at the factory. Can't wait for those parts to fail and either allow wind noise or start to leak. If the Honda rep isn't able to help what should I do? When I first brought this to his attention the general manager for the dealership asked what my dream result would be and I told him I bought a new car and that is what I expect and that his employees caused this issue. Any suggestions or insight as to possibly accomplishing this? Again, none of the paint/trim damage was my fault. It all falls on the employees of the dealership and their lack of attention.
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong but don't let anyone put an orbiter on your new car. You should only consider it if you car has deep scratches. And just on the panel/area with the scratches. All other minor imperfections can be resolved by claying and waxing by hand even. Always clay your car first if needed even new cars need it check the paint.
If someone wants to wax your car without using clay first and with an orbiter run as fast as you can. I know first hand, it takes time to do the job but who else will do it right.

Sorry to hear about you ordeal just get it back to new and take care of it till the day you want to part ways with it will hold up its value.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but don't let anyone put an orbiter on your new car. You should only consider it if you car has deep scratches. And just on the panel/area with the scratches. All other minor imperfections can be resolved by claying and waxing by hand even.
You're wrong. Yup. :yes: Definitely wrong.
You're wrong. Yup. :yes: Definitely wrong.
Ok so why am I wrong?
Ok so why am I wrong?
claying and waxing does not correct minor defects. claying removes bonded surface contaminants that washing cannot remove. Wax is merely a final coating to protect the surface and install gloss. Wax does not have any correcting ability. Removing scratches, even minor, requires some kind of polishing, whether by hand, rotary buffer, or random orbital dual action polisher.
That ****s man, hope you can get them to fix it for you.

This is EXACTLY why I forced the dealer to not wax my car. I knew it was very likely they'd screw the finish up.

The only thing I had them do was wash it, and that was just to get the dust/dirt off of it so I could make sure the paint wasn't damaged or defective before I signed the paperwork.
OK you guys are right, wax is just sits on top of the surface. And it will make the minor scratches seem like they are no longer there because it has been filled with wax, right??
What I'm saying is that, I would rather live with some few minor scratches that I can make disappear with wax temporarily. Than dig away at the paint finish with a polisher and take a chance of putting swirls in it because of my inexperience or negligence by a shop. If you have deep scratches you really don't have a choice you will need to polish.
Ran I to a similar situation when I picked up my touring. Had them install a deck lid spoiler before I picked it up and they did a terrible job. Spoiler was scuffed up, didn't sit right, and they chipped the paint on the trunk itself. I took I back to them and they said they would have to order me a trunk lid and spoiler and that they would have to repaint the back of the car again (trunk, rear fenders, and bumper). I told them to keep the car to call me when they got me a new one. Might seem a little extreme but guess what... I started off with a white cvt touring (the one they screwed up) and ended up with white v6 touring instead :) only thing is, I went thru that right away... You're saying you've had the car for 6 weeks now which might make it a bit late for that now.
Return the car, honetly Honda's detail job ****s balls. Its half assed!
I have talked to Honda America and she is setting up an appointment with the local Honda liaison. Unfortunately he can't meet me until Nov. 12. I'm pissed! She said Honda America can't make the decision on getting me a different car and that it would have to be the dealership. They already said the only thing they can do is try to fix the paint and put the jacked up weather stripping and other parts on the car, that they messed up. I most likely will reach out to an attorney friend of mine.

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Dang sorry to hear this. You purchased a brand new car probably to avoid problems of a used car and here they gave you one that could have been avoided if they had competent people working there. By the manager saying that a black car will have scratches shows his ignorance on the matter. I wish you luck . I got lucky and my sport was delivered in perfect condition. Years a go I ordered a Lexus IS300 with the MT transmission and limited slip rear as no dealer ordered a car like that in Florida and when it came in it had just crazy swirls all over it. The lexus dealer did call in a pro wh glazed the whold car and did a great job of hiding the swirls as that is what glaze is designed to do but after 4 weeks it started to show up again.
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