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where to get your microfiber!

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I posted this on another thread but thought it should have a thread of its own.

You should definitely buy from mīcгofibeг if you are buying towels. The prices are great and customer service is second to none. I talked to Ian on the phone for about a half hour today as I thought I had a bad batch of towels and he went through the whole process with me and even though he said what I was seeing was usually normal, he would send me another 10 towels since 10 out of 20 from last order all had the same "problem". I also thought my first batch felt more "sturdy" and he went back and weighed the 2 towels as they keep samples from all batches and the first batch actually did weigh more. A 530 gsm towel is supposed to weigh 84.3 grams for 16x16. The first batch was 90 g and the new batch is 84 g. So there definitely was a difference. They continuously monitor each batch to make sure it is up to spec. So much better than some places that would just say "I don't know why they feel different"???

He is also throwing in a new towel they have that is 500 gsm but the fibers are refined an extra time so you have twice the actual fibers as a regular 530 gsm towel. All I have to do is provide feedback on the towel. It's not on their website yet. I'll be a customer for them for a long time for anything MF related. Also, this is the company that Glen E has on his pdf, so thanks Glen for introducing me to MFtech!
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Does Costco put the weight of their towels? I'm pretty anal, so I have to have confidence in the weight. Especially with the Honda super soft clearcoat. MFtech tells me they only push out if towel weight is within 3% margin of error.
Yeah I've got the 10-pack of 530gsm's (the blue one's) from MF-Tech also. Good towels. I'm using a few of their waffle weaves too. They're okay, but not big enough to plush enough to really trap a lot of water. I think I have 4-5 of them. That's plenty to dry off a completely wet car though.

+1 for MF-Tech
Do you sheet the car when you are finished washing? Take the nozzle off and let the water free flow over the entire car. I can usually dry the car with just one waffle weave after that.
Mikey's crazy ...GRIN.....but turned me on to mftech a couple years ago, must have 50 now.....until you really detail, you'll never understand why you need so many...

Agreed ......cotton is like steel wool on paint.....
So true! I think I'm up to 50 or so now too, for just the 530 gsm 16x16 towels. I have designated about 20 for removing compound/polish and the other 30 I use for RW and final buffs.

I am trying to find some good but economical terry towels for cleaning pads on the fly during details. I found and they sent me a couple samples to test out before I buy. Only thing I would use cotton towels for other than maybe the carpet or under the hood.

Yep I been spreading the word for the past 2 years about this site

I get all my towels from mīcгofibeг and stockṫ

They are great towels for professional use.

Costco towels are not towels to be used for buffing the car. They are to be used as rags/interior cleaning and stff like that
Just checked out this site. I may have to give their clay a try. Very good pricing and 3 different grades. Mikey, have you tried any of the clay from here or just the MF?
They have done fairly inexpensive Terry cloths at Costco but I don't know if they would meter your standards. Like said earlier, their microfiber isn't the highest quality but I'll admit I use one for spot cleaning during washes at the coin operated car wash.
For the terry towels, don't need super high standards since those would just be for cleaning polishing pads on the fly (see Mike Phillips' article on AG if you are interested in this process). Just basically need a decent nap that will grab the polish out of the pad and that will withstand multiple washes. I don't use Costco, so I turn to the interweb for bulk buying. :thmsup: I'm thinking about going with these at $10/dozen unless the economy ones ($8/dozen) do okay (I'll test both qualities out this weekend from the free samples they sent me):

I did pick up a 2 dozen bag of the terry "rags" from Lowes ($10 so no big deal) and can tell after one wash, those probably aren't going to do it...when a good chunk of them had seams coming apart, etc., just from washing them. Those will probably turn into good "rags" for under the hood.
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