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Hi All,

Second time Accord owner, first time forum poster! First Accord was in College, 1990 EX-R 2dr, red,2.2L 5spd. Current accord 2002 LX 4dr, blk, 2.3L 5spd.

Completely new to the forums, and looking for some advice on where to get some decent smoked/black halo or euro headlight lenses and matching taillight lenses. So far what i've found you need to pick a separate headlight and taillight and i haven't found the right combo. either the fronts have too much retro or too much color, or none at all, and the back is either chrome and red or black and red. Looking for something that's a little more moderate and more... well - matching!

I have been looking and nobody seems to be talking about any go-to sites for shopping online for this stuff. That's kinda what I'm looking for.

What's your go-to site for personalization / lighting for your Accord?
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