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Whistling noise coming from air conditioning

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My '22 HAH Touring is making a whistling noise and I can't quite pinpoint where it's coming from. But I do know the following:
  1. High-pitched whistling noise occurs at speeds of about 55mph
  2. Noise stops when I switch to fresh air mode.
  3. Only occurs when Im in recirculation mode.
The noise is really audible around the 3-second mark of this youtube video:

Any thoughts on the cause and remedies? Will be taking it to the dealership very soon.
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Have you checked the cabin air filter? Maybe try cleaning, could be leaves/debris, or changing it to see if that helps.
Yeah, I did that. Cleaned the air filter and cabin filter.
Weird thing about the whistling noise is that it only occurs when the recirculation mode is on. When I switch to fresh air, no noise. Also, the sound occurs when recirc mode is on with or without a/c.
Some other forum, honda -tech, has a couple of Hybrid owners with similar complaints, but nobody posted updates. Def take to dealer!
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