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I dunno if Honda has started this change yet or or not but according to a press release from Honda, all Accords (and Civics and most of the Honda lineup in the US) will finally get XM radio as standard equipment starting sometime next year. Its about damn time :)
I own a very beat up and dated 2006 so I am a viable and imminent threat to buy a hybrid in 2015. By then, everyone will have heard of this car but until then, it's only for those of us "in the know" This is why I think the 2014 Standard Hybrid is BRAGGING RIGHTS TO ANYONE WHO lives on the BLEEDING EDGE of TECHNOLOGY!!!

I assume you mean that XM radio will be offered with a 90 day free trial period. I let mine expire and haven't looked back. In my opinion XM is a waste of money. I would rather have HD FM.
The antennae can also sub for a WIFI repeater thus allowing you to WIFI while still on wheels should you choose to work that way. I know a guy who lives in an RV cause his job is an at-home remote and so he uses he has installed a WIFI repeater for his mobile internet. He not only never needs to leave his house but he doesn't have to leave his bed either. lol Its a mini one so he can park it anywhere.

So my point is that antennae can be prove useful to someone even if their XM subscription expires. lol
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