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Lowered the car and after the alignment my rear camber was at -2.33 So did some searching here and saw a few name brands, but decided to go with Wicked after searching the net.

Adjustment range is -2 to +4
cost a little under $100 after taxes

Easy install (a few tough angles/nolts)

1) Lift vehicle
2) Remove tire
3) Remove two bolts and 1 cotter pin per side (use either method below)
---a) cuss and scream, then find cheater bar for the nut and bolt
------(i) Find penetrant and try again
---b) cut with saw
4) Reinstall new piece with new nuts and bolts (just incase you messed them up)
5) Guess on the measurement for getting the tire straight
6) Put the wheel back on
7) Drive to get an alignment

Pics (orientation is messed up)
1st - the package (item is well made and feels like a quality product)
2nd - rust bar to be replaced since it has no adjustments
3rd - side by side view (the hole only looks smaller in the picture, they are the same size)
4th - just placed on ((the gap is normal when you tighten it up it is gone)the measurement is the same between the new and old one as well)

Final outcome
Alignment is back in specs, put on 65 miles and the ride feels fine.


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