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Hello All,

I am a new CT owner (2015 black EX-L) and although I thoroughly enjoy using my iPod classic with the convenient Honda interface, some of the songs sound empty due to varying levels of compression in the mp3 files. I know it's not the CT... I recently played a Pentatonix Christmas CD when my mrs. and I went for a ride and the sound was amazing.

A friend of a friend just gifted me nearly 3TB of DSD, PCM and 24/16 bit music files. All I had to do was provide the hard drive, which is happily did.

Per this friends advice, he recommended purchasing the Fiio X3 DAP for car use. Using the X3 in Line-out mode (as opposed to headphone mode) allows the DAC to run in full output power which is the purest output option available to this player (this mode bypasses the volume and tone controls of the X3, allowing a purer lossless rendering of the music file)

During my research, I read that some auto sound systems cannot handle the vrms power of DAP's set to run line out (must be run through the Aux jack.. usb is not an option like the iDevice family) , resulting in serious clipping of the signal and the expected distortion.

Before I spend about $200, do any CT owners own a Fiio X3/X5 and can you please let me know if this device is compatible with the EX-l's premium sound system?

I found nothing in the owners manual warning about using the high output line out from a DAP. Probably doesn't have to be a Fiio X series. Any DAP with a line out is probably comparable. Anyone out there with some DAP line out experience with their CT/Accord sound system?

Thank you for your time.

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