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Do we get notified when there are updates available for components other than the audio-navigation system?
Short answer: No, unless the software update is required as part of a recall to address a safety issue.

I did bring my car to a dealer recently and asked them to update everything but I have to admit I'm not entirely confident they did.
It's not unusual for Honda (or any other automaker) to prohibit dealers from performing software updates unless specifically instructed to do so as part of a repair that results from a customer complaint, TSB, or recall.

Example: Some 2017 Ridgelines can experience torque converter judder due to overheated fluid. A software update is available to address this issue, but Honda won't authorize it unless the vehicle exhibits symptoms and the dealer can verify the issue. Honda will not authorize the update as a preventative measure to avoid the issue from occurring.

There are dozens of modules that can be updated in your Honda. There's no "check for and install updates for all modules" option.

There are a couple of reasons why software updates are discouraged or prohibited.

1. Software updates can sometimes have unintended consequences such as a potential for something to fail during the update process or introduction of a new problem.

2. For traceability, the automaker needs to know what version of software each module is running in case a recall is necessary. If an owner or dealer applied a software update that wasn't authorized by Honda and that update contained a safety issue, Honda may not know they needed to recall the vehicle.
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