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Would the 7th generation Accord be better or worse with "hill assist"?

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Apparently, having some sort of "hill holder" is becoming very common in modern cars; both automatic and manual transmission. If you have not heard of hill assist, it is a function that holds the brake pressure an extra few seconds to allow the driver to get the car moving from a stop.

I personally think that hill holder is a complete hindrance to the driving experience. I find it a bit upsetting that cars are becoming more and more "automated" every year. The way I see it, if you are going to drive a manual transmission vehicle, you should just accept that fact that its not an automatic car, rather then expect the mechanics to change for people who don't want features like that (and from what I have heard, most people highly dislike hill assist). I am not expert when it comes to driving manual transmission cars, as my V-6 Accord with a six speed is my first car; but i'm very glad it did not have any features to let me take the easy way out of learning how to drive.

Long story short, I dislike that cars are getting "easier" to use. If you don't want to learn how to drive manual on a hill, and experience some bumps in the process, automatic is a better choice. :wave:
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Not hill assist, but I always thought automated rev-match was a cool but, albeit, gimmicky feature. Much more so than lane guidance and blinker buzzer technology...
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