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XXR 531 19x8.5 - 19x10 Help Please

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First let me say hello. I am not new to driveaccord per say. I have been using this site for a while but never made an account.

My wife has a 2011 BBP Coupe V6 and is wanting some wheels for her car. We bought the car brand new December 2010 and it currently has 7K miles. The car is super mint and she loves it and is looking to keep the modding going. She had the HFP body kit installed but not the suspension. Stock suspension.

Her question is how will the XXR 531s (platinum) fit with the following setup:

Front - 19x8.5 +35
Rear - 19x10 +35

I believe this is the only mid range offset they offer in these sizes. Any have any insight on whether they stick out or be close to fender flush or if well need aftermarket suspension to make these work? Preferably no suspension modifications are wanted but she may have to compromise somewhere to get what she wants.
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Thats the thing I told her about though was from what I know the rear needs a wider wheel to be fender flush so that's why I was thinking 19x10. I would go 19.8.5 in rear but I don' think it would come close to the fender. They do offer a 19x8.5 +15 but man that sounds like it would stick out way to far. What width are you running with your +35 offset?
She wants it to be as close to fender flush as possible. Tire prices are not a concern. Either way we wont be able to rotate tires so if going with a staggered look would look nicer thats the way she wants to go. Me personally I would like the wider lip in the rear but not too sure on how that would look. This is for really pure cosmetics she barely drives it doesnt race it.
Anyone else have any input on this? I know people on here run or have run a staggered setup similar to what I have listed. Thanks.
My set up is

245/35 19x8.5 Front 35 offset
265/35 19.9.5 Rear 38 offset

Lowered on Eibach Pros 1.5 all around. Absolutely 0 issues, and I'd say its pretty flush.
Thank you for the specs. That is pretty close to what she is looking at. Will eventually move over to BCs most likely to give it a real nice look.

Just one more quick question when you say pretty flush is it inside the wheel well more or outside the wheel well a bit? I would hope its more inside so Camber wouldnt have to be applied when lowered.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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