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Well into the minus 20 Cs up here friends... As cold as its been all winter. I love winter but this is ridiculous

I got to thinking ( hence the smell ). You know its cold when

1. You walk outside the front door and everything in your nose cavity abruptly freezes.
2. Your car makes sounds you have never heard it make before when you beg it to start
3. You come to believe that seat heaters are true blessings
4. You are brave enough to make the 6 steps to the hot tub only to find your beer freezes in the glass before you can drink it
5. You touch your hair in the hot tub only to find its turned to wire
6. You climb out of the hot tub and as soon as your bare skin meets the cold air, the hair on your arms immediately freezes
7. The brass monkey now has issues
8. Even the racoons that live in the tree in your backyard refuse to leave home
9. A glass of hot water immediately turns to snow when you throw it up in the air outside

Cannot wait for this deep freeze to end so we can return to our regularly scheduled programming
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